Beautiful Rainbow Film Festival Poster

Gadsden City Schools is proud to announce that the “Beautiful Rainbow” documentary, featuring Gadsden City High School students and instructor Chip Rowan, has now been accepted into five film festivals!  More festivals may be announced later this year.  The first public showing of “Beautiful Rainbow” will take place at the Sidewalk Film Festival in Birmingham at 3:40 p.m., Saturday, August 24 at the Alabama School of Fine Arts.

Tickets and day passes are available at

Congratulations to Tony Reddick, the Gadsden City special education department and all of the Beautiful Rainbow students.  Special thanks to the documentary’s director, Heather Rickles, and producers, Kyle Roberts and Ricky Harmon.

Along with the Sidewalk Film Festival, the documentary has been accepted into the Chagrin Documentary Film Fest, Mosaic World Film Festival, Best Shorts Competition and the Buddha International Film Festival.  Beautiful Rainbow received an award of recognition from the Best Shorts Competition.  Other awards could be announced following the festivals.

For more information on Gadsden City’s Beautiful Rainbow program, visit .

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