Dollars and Cents

As a public school system, it is of the utmost importance that we are wise stewards when it comes to the financial activities of the school system. This includes financial reporting, budget preparation, purchasing of goods and services, payroll/insurance processing and reporting, accounts payable/receivable, investment of funds, capital asset accounting, federal grants management and all other finance-related issues.

Financial Statements

The current Accountability Reports for Gadsden City Board of Education are available, upon request, at the Central Office.
(Exhibits A-I-I through A-I-VIII, A-II-I through A-II-VIII, and A-III-I through A-III-VIII)

Student Achievement Reports are available at the ALSDE website (www.alabamaachieves.org) under Reports & Data, School
Performance, Proficiency, 2020-2021 ELA Assessment, 2020-2021 Math Assessment, 2020-2021 Science Assessment.

Please contact Cory Skelton at cskelton@gadsdencityschools.org for additional information.

Approved Budget FY 2022

Approved Budget FY 2023


Exhibit F-III-C (56)

Exhibit F-II-A – Financial Summary (81)

Exhibit F-III-B (55)

Exhibit F-III-A (57)

Exhibit F-I-A (62)

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2020 Gadsden City Board of Education Audit Report

Salary Schedule 22-23

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