Orthopedic Surgery
In partnership with the 21st Century program, Gadsden City students hosted their
second Teen Science Cafe on Thursday, March 10th. The guest speaker, Dr. William
Haller, discussed orthopedic surgery and how it relates to STEM. Dr. Haller and his
team also demonstrated several surgical procedures. Students participated in mock
operations following the demonstrations, including fracture repairs, internal
fixations, fusions, and arthroscopy knee replacement. Students in Gadsden City’s
Teen Science Cafe experienced a unique opportunity to learn about orthopedic
surgery from Dr. Haller. His team not only demonstrated procedures, but also taught
the students to do ankle tightrope fixations, knee replacement using a simulator, and
fracture repairs. This was a valuable experience for afterschool students and
provided them with opportunities to explore, engage, develop, and learn. The
students and staff look forward to their next meeting at the Teen Science Cafe.

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