Begins Wednesday, October 17.


Morning Traffic Flow map for Gadsden City High School

Please look at the attached map of the school campus.  Beginning on Wednesday, October 17th, we will be implementing this NEW traffic flow plan for morning drop-off traffic.  There are five points of drop-off marked in YELLOW.  One at the courtyard area and the other is beside the gym that goes into the Commons area.

ETRANCE FROM MAIN GATE:  The front main gate off of Black Creek Parkway will be an ENTRANCE ONLY with 2 lanes of traffic flowing at the same time.  The right lane will be for traffic that is going to drop-off at the “B” Hall door or the courtyard OR to park in that front parking lot.  The 2 left lanes will be used for thru traffic to proceed in front of the building for drop-off and around to the drop-offs at the gym side of the school.

The EXITS will be through Gate 1 at the far corner of the front parking lot that will exit out to South 11th St. or you can exit out of the gate at the Auditorium (Gate 2).  If you have proceeded around to the gym side of the school, you will continue to exit out through Gate 4 to South 11th St.

ENTRANCE FROM GATE 2 :  You may enter through Gate 2 (Auditorium) from South 11th St. and continue forward to the drop-off at the courtyard and will then make a left turn through the parking lot and will circle back around to exit out of the same gate or continue through the parking lot and exit campus out of Gate 1 in the far corner of the lot.

ENTRANCE FROM GATE 4:  You may enter through Gate 4 (Gym side) and continue forward to the drop-off and then you will make a right turn through the parking lot to circle around to get back in the outward flow of traffic back through Gate 4.

*NOTE:  Vehicles will no longer be allowed to EXIT campus through the main entrance at Black Creek Parkway from 7:15 – 8:00am.

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