“Superintendent Tony Reddick awards $1177.00 to contestants at Litchfield Middle Schools’ Annual Pi Day, which is personally funded by Mr. and Mrs. Reddick. The top three participants were Janiyah Lindsay, who recited 319 units beyond 3.14,  Angelina Francisco, who recited 155 units, and Janessa Rudolph with 118 units.


Mr. Reddick expressed how proud he was of each of the 44 contestants for taking the time to prepare and told them that they have the capacity to learn anything they make a commitment to learning. He encouraged them to use the same ambition to prepare for ACAP and any other standardized or teacher-made test.”

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Retiree Tea

Retirement Tea

Congratulations to our Retirees (Since May of 2022). Deborah Adams, Linda Allsup, Elaine Atchley, Elizabeth Boatner, Jeremy Brooks, Vallery Brown, Elizabeth Bunton, Carlos Esquivel, Patricia

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