Congratulations to all of our participants and winners today.  (Pictures on Gadsden City Schools Facebook page)


Website Design


1st Place – Aliyah Kinard and Sasha Woodgett – Adams Elementary

2nd Place –  Willany Sayles and Ashlyn Bufford – Adams Elementary

3rd Place – Nyla Franklin – Mitchell Elementary


1st Place – Lillian Jamar – Emma Sansom Middle

2nd Place – Elizabeth Loranger and Nikiah Pope – Emma Sansom Middle

3rd Place – Ma’kayla DeRamus and Krystiana Freeman – Litchfield Middle

Audio/Video Production


1st Place – Chloe Wiggins and Jazmin Cammeron – Donehoo Elementary

2nd Place – Layla Lane and Londyn Madaris – Donehoo Elementary

3rd Place – Taylor Higgins and Olivia Avery – Thompson Elementary


1st Place – Bailey Womack – Emma Sansom Middle

Digital Art/3D Design/Productivity Design/Animation


1st Place – Coley Webb and Raegan Brooks – Mitchell Elementary

2nd Place – Kaithim Nail and Colton Fleming – Mitchell Elementary

3rd Place – Lyla Goss and Yeison Florencio – Walnut Park Elementary


1st Place – Arryana Wilson – Gadsden City High School

2nd Place – Khali Marshall – Gadsden City High School



1st Place – Christopher Blevins and Kris Gentry – Walnut Park Elementary

2nd Place – Heisman Williams – Donehoo Elementary

3rd Place –  Mariana Guzman and Ariana Cottrell – Adams Elementary


1st Place – Mithin Rameshkumar – Gadsden Middle

2nd Place – Carter Womack- Emma Sansom Middle

3rd Place – Kacey Calhoun and LIllian Jamar – Emma Sansom Middle

Multimedia Presentations


1st Place – Anthony Ash and Aaliyah Bean  – Striplin Elementary

2nd Place – Keller Wilson and Kennedy Jackson – Mitchell Elementary

3rd Place –  Zayden Washington and Nyleigh Adair – Thompson Elementary


1st Place – Kayla Brown and JoHannas Jackson – Thompson Elementary

2nd Place – Madison Brown and Isaac Tomas – Adams Elementary

3rd Place – Jael Rollins and Brenna Marcos – Striplin Elementary


1st Place – Chloe Hayes and Bailey Owens – Emma Sansom Middle

2nd Place – Fisher Bailey – Gadsden Middle

3rd Place – Tatiyna Wright and Kyla Butler – Gadsden Middle


1st Place –  David Dobbins – Gadsden City High School

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