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Financial Statements

The current Accountability Reports for Gadsden City Board of Education are available, upon request, at the Central Office.

(Exhibits A-I-I through A-I-VIII, A-II-I through A-II-VIII, and A-III-I through A-III-VIII)

Additionally, the Student Achievement Reports are available at the ALSDE website under the Data Center, Assessment Reports.

Please contact Cory Skelton at cskelton@gadsdencityschools.org for additional information.

Approved Budget FY 2020

Exhibit F-III-B (32)
Exhibit F-I-A (37)
Exhibit F-II-A – Financial Summary (52)
Exhibit F-III-A (34)
Exhibit F-III-C (33)
December 2020 Check Register


Worthless (Bad) Checks

2019 Audit Report


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